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Contact Us and Hide Your Identity
Dear Louie:

Thanks so much for taking the heat off of me!  You have made my St. Patrick's Day DUI episode, look like a walk in the park!  I am so happy right now, I think I'm going to have a drink.  Nothing's better than getting drunk and driving to celebrate!  

I don't know how Jack is going to hide this one for you, but good luck!  I was drunker than a pack of Indians on payday, but what you did was pretty stupid.  I mean c'mon Louie, its a phone; don't you even know how to hang up a phone?  

There's a village somewhere missing their Idiot Louie, cause he's running our Transit Division.  The good news is at the Annual Policemen's Ball, you are sure to be a shoe-in for the AssClown of the Year Award.  Jack told me the winner will be receiving two tickets to Yuma.

I have a good lawyer if you need one.  I really didn't need them cause Jack was going to sweep this DUI under the rug for me.  It's pretty easy to lose or misplace my breathalyzer results, but you really screwed the pooch with those phone messages. It appears you messed with people who have 20 years of software experience and spend their lives working on the Internet and in Public Relations.  Louie, I hate to be the first to tell you this, but I think getting BPC off your ass is never going to happen in your lifetime.  This is going to be the proverbial turd that you can't flush down the toilet.

I hear the new Target on 7th & Bell is hiring in their Theft Prevention Department.  I can put in a good word for you. Thanks again for all your help.


Steve S.

While this is clearly a Parody, it isn't far from the truth.  Read about this story here:

If you are serious about contacting us, we are serious about protecting your identity.  We don’t care who you are or where you work and can quickly surmise through our network if you are truly a good cop or trying to fool us like Luca Brasi in the God Father.


We just care about the info you give us and the dirt on the Phoenix Police Department.


So here are the top 10 things to protect yourself, protect your family and keep you employed in the Phoenix PD (or any PD or state agency).  While we are sure you can use these for other high crimes, we believe one’s right to surf the web and utilizing your first amendment right to free speech in complete anonymity requires an equal amount of surreptitious and clandestine efforts.


First Line of Defense – Protect your IP Address

Right now set as your home page a website like  Each time you open up your browser, browse our blog and website exclusively through this portal or a portal like it.  This costs you nothing.  Leave comments the same way. It will hide your IP address (the digital signature on your computer).  It’s like wearing gloves!


Second Line of Defense – Obtain an Email that is Hosted Anonymously

While no email is 100% foolproof and is subject to subpoenas, get one thru or go to our favorite  When signing up use nothing that is real (name, phone number, etc). and never add a second email onto it for security.  Sign up through hidemyass or while web browsing through an IronKey.  Caution:  You must log into Hushmail every 20 days or the account becomes locked.  You can pay $40-50 dollars per annum to never have it lock on you.  We personally like Hushmail because it is based outside of the United States. Before you throw down a credit card and “buy” a Hushmail account, look at the 3rd line of defense…


Third Line of Defense – Never use a Personal Credit Card to Purchase Software, Email Accounts or Phones

Go to your local grocery store and buy (with cash) an American Express or Visa gift card.  Never buy it with a credit card.  Never buy it at your bank either.  Use this untraceable credit card to buy cell phones, software, or emails.


Fourth Line of Defense – Buy an IronKey

IronKeys are industrial grade USBs that allow you to browse the Internet, undetected. Go to for details and how to purchase one.  We own several.  Open up an Internet browser within an IronKey and use  Use your untraceable credit card to buy the IronKey. is the best protection we know of. The cheapest IronKey is about $80, but it is money well spent to protect your job and protect you from bogus NOIs.


Fifth Line of Defense – Use Your Iron Key on a Public Computer or a Family Computer

If your Iron Key is ever compromised and is traced back, having it on the family computer or public computer will help you.  They can’t prove it is you. While it may be frowned upon in the Phoenix police department to speak ill will of your department or your corrupt associates, it is hardly criminal.  The dirty administration in the PPD have been known to file bogus NOIs, get you demoted or get you fired.  If your family member logs into a computer with you, its free speech and not you!  They can’t serve NOIs on family members.  See our point? It’s tough for anyone to prove who is on a computer or better yet ask to borrow your kid’s computer and use your IronKey.  No one will ever know.


Sixth Line of Defense - Buy a Throw Away Cell Phone

Cheap and easy like a few girls we know named Heather! A phone is $20 dollars at any Radio Shack or Best Buy.  A card to charge is $10 - $25 dollars.  We have several which we use exclusively to call our cop contacts. It is money well spent.


Seventh Line of Defense - Send us Items via Snail Mail (regular mail) and in Paper Format – non electronic

Electronic items leave a signature.  Send us paper (or old school photographs).  We scan what you send, shred it, then burn the shred.  It’s completely non traceable by the Phoenix PD. You can also ask around the Phoenix PD and find one of our current sources and give the docs to them to hand to us. If you send us something electronically (like a photo of a nameplate) send it to us on your throw away phone or the phone of a friend or child – but never your own.


Eighth Line of Defense – Never Use Your Real Name and Pick a Bogus Identity

Go to and pick a name for you to use and for us.  Or pick your first pet’s name (as your first name) and the street you grew up on (as your last name). Never tell us who you are and we will never ask.  Tell us you’re Jack Harris, Theron Quaas or Mike Polombo and we will believe you. We have dozens of “contacts” whom we have never met and to this day don’t know (and don’t care) who they are.  All we know is they give us good dirt on the Phoenix PD.


Ninth Line of Defense – Ask and Find the Good Cops within the Phoenix PD

There are many who support us.  Find them.  They will be easy to find.  There are many more who like and support us, rather than Jack Harris and the FOJs.

These cops will provide insight and help with how to contact us and how to protect your job.


Tenth Line of Defense – If You Don’t Care, then Neither Will We!

We speak with a lot of retired cops.  Cops who are fed up and saw the rot and corruption for 20-30+ years.  If you don’t care to hide what you know and who you are, then we don’t either.  While we will do everything to protect your identity, we don’t ask for your driver’s license or any ID when we speak.  If you are not afraid of being identified, then speak as you please and don’t hide anything!


And the Ultimate Defense?

Take your laptop and go to a non-Starbucks coffee shop that offers free wifi and no video cameras (In Phoenix, AZ places like Paradise Bakery have free wifi and the only cameras are those on the cash registers!).  Buy your coffee in cash or send someone else to buy your coffee.  Log into your IronKey under and you can virtually do whatever you want!   HA! 

And if you ever get a phone call from a cop named Theron Quaas asking about this site, just tell him to go and fuck himself!





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